Real Church Sunday School Series

The local New Testament church has been attacked, misunderstood, marginalized, and reinvented. But the real local church—the institution Christ purchased with His own blood—is still God’s plan for reaching the world and transforming lives one at a time.

In this thirteen-lesson curriculum, discover authentic church life from the dynamic first century churches in the New Testament. Learn the biblical functions of the local church, principles for building healthy and loving relationships in the body, and discover how you fit into God’s eternal plan for changing the world through your local church.

Lessons in this series:

  • A Real Beginning
  • A Real Faith
  • A Real Purpose
  • A Real Witness
  • Real Missions
  • Real Relationships
  • Real Fellowship
  • Real Discipleship
  • Real Worship
  • Real Prayer
  • Real Labor
  • Real Giving
  • Real Faithfulness

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